King Lear: The Podcast Series

Project: “King Lear: The Podcast Series” 🎭🎙️

Role: Audio Theatre Producer 🎧👑

  • Conceptualized and led the production of the podcast series adaptation of Shakespeare’s “King Lear.”
  • Oversaw all aspects of the production, from script adaptation to casting and final post-production.

Role: Sound Designer 🔊🎶

  • Crafted a rich and immersive sonic experience to capture the essence of Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy.
  • Utilized sound effects, ambient sounds, and music to evoke the emotions and drama of each scene.

Role: Editor ✂️🔊

  • Edited and polished each episode to ensure a seamless and engaging narrative flow.
  • Paid meticulous attention to dialogue clarity, pacing, and overall audio quality.

Role: Actor 🎭🗣️

  • Portrayed a key character (King Lear) with depth and authenticity.
  • Collaborated with fellow cast members to bring the characters to life and convey the nuances of Shakespearean language.

General Project Highlights 🌟:

  • Adapted the classic play into an audio-friendly format, making it accessible to a modern audience.
  • Collaborated closely with a talented team of actors, writers, and sound engineers to bring the project to fruition.
  • Released episodes with accompanying visuals, such as character sketches or thematic artwork, to enhance the audience’s experience.

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