Theatre Producer, Director, and Musician

What the Hell are We Doing in Purgatory? – (An original play written by Antonina Morris)

March 2023

Loyola Chapel, Mtl

Produced, directed, and performed as Beethoven, an on-stage character and live musician.

This original play written by my co-director, Antonina Morris, brought together the ideas cultivated and taught at the Liberal Arts College (LAC) of Concordia University. The diversity of students that participated in the project showcased the diverse population of the LAC, and allowed for a wide arrange of people to learn about theatre. This also brought philosophical ideas taught at the college to the general population in an engaging way.

Produced and Directed by Aleah P. Carreau

Liberal Arts College Theatre Society
IG: @lactheatresociety


Liberal Arts students, historical philosophers, and writers find themselves in purgatory faced with two questions: “why are we here and how do we get out?”

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